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Réhely Visitor Centre

Photo: Széll AntalRéhely Visitor Centre is situated half way between Dévaványa and Ecsegfalva. On the first floor of the museum a permanent exhibition can be visited about the European Bustard, the unique value of the region and the natural values and nature history of the territory. Outside the museum great bustards, hungarian grey cattles, buffalos, racka sheep, "mangalica" pigs and several types of poultry can be observed.
From the Visitor Centre a nature trail starts where the characteristic plants and animals of the area can be investigated. To the cycle-paths one can rent bicyles in the Réhely Visitor Centre. In the educational building there is accomodation for 48 people.

One lecture room for 50 people and other two educational rooms for 25 people are possible to arrange conference, training and continuative education.



Entrance fee:                                                                    
adults 480 HUF / person,
children, Pensionar: 380 HUF / person,
- permanent exhibition about the natural values of the territory,   
- exibition place of Bustard and antient Hungarian animals,
- nature trail.

Our services:
- forest school with professional programs,
- excursion with guides: 3600 HUF/ hour,
- excursion with professional guides: 6200 HUF/ hour,
- professional or educational lectures: 3700 HUF/ hour,
- accomodation for 48 people,
- rentable rooms (with good technical backgrounds) for conference, training, continuative education,
- rent a bicycle: 1650 HUF/person/day, for pupils 1050 HUF/person/day,
- selling of publications about the national park,
- special program offer to the area of Körös-Maros National Park.

Opening hours: 1. April - 31. October, between 9-17, except Mondays.
Larger groops must be booked in advance.

About services, costs and prior arrangement of the programs one can get information from Katalin Sándor Szélné, educational administrator (Phone: +36-66-483-083, 30-445-24-09) or on the following address:

Körös-Maros National Park Réhely Visitor Centre
5510 Dévaványa, Réhely
Phone/Fax: : +36-66-483-083
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