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Museum in Kardoskút

The permanent exhibition in Kardoskút Museum shows the past and natural values of the White-lake. The exhibition has been organized by the Department of Natural Sciences of the Békés-county Museum Directorate since 1989. The museum exhibits the changes in the landscape of Kardoskút, the flora and fauna with old maps, drawings, photos and preparations. The museum can be visited with previous registration. Our prices: for adults 240 HUF/person, for pupils: 180 HUF/person.
Information: Phone: +36-68-429-262, +36-30-475-17-76.

Vésztő-Mágor Historical Exhibition

On the one hand the dual mould of Mágor safeguards the historical relieves of men living here from the Neolitic Age (8000 BC-5000 BC) up to the Bronze Age (1800 BC-800BC). On the other hand it conserves the ruins of a monastery built by the Csolt (Vata) clan in the XI. century and rebuilt in the XII. century. In 1810 Earl Ferenc Wenckheim set up vineyards on and had a cellar built into the hillsides, the later now serving as an exhibition centre for displaying the findings unearthed at the archeological excavations.
The exhibition is operated by the Museum Directorate of Békés County Community.

Opening hours: 1. May-30. September: every day between 9-18.
In April and October: every day between 10-16.
Closed in November, December, January, February and March.
Phone: +36-66-477-148


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